Sarah Sparks is the last of five children to a pastor and his wife in rural Indiana. She developed a love for singing at a young age singing hymns with her family on long road trips and around the piano.

Sarah’s freshman year of college she finally figured out how to restring a hand-me-down guitar and began learning how to play through youtube videos. Almost immediately, before she had any business doing so, she found herself writing songs. They weren’t good songs, (they only had four chords and were quite cheesy), but kind friends and family saw potential and encouraged her to keep going. She started performing at the college coffee shop with her twin sister and at other local coffee shops and restaurants.

After graduating college, Sarah found the courage to call herself a songwriter (under her breath) and began pursuing music. She moved to Louisville, KY to continue performing and a year after, funded her first album through kickstarter and released “Into the Lantern Waste,” a collection of songs inspired by the characters in The Chronicles of Narnia.

The response was more than Sarah could have hoped for (aka funded!) and her desire to write songs and share them with others continued to grow. Though Sarah still has times where she is overwhelmed or anxious because she doesn’t know what she’s doing, God has been abundantly gracious in providing her every need over and over again. She couldn’t stop writing and singing if she tried.

This album “All I Have” is a collection of songs from the past three years that she hasn’t been able to release since her computer broke. They are quite literally all she has but are also the work of long hours spent writing with the guitar. Sarah continues to write with truth in melody to capture human experiences through song.